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Plants Kick Out Pollutions

POLLUTIONS is the silent killer. It does not have immediate impact. That’s why many people feel that only false uproar is being created. Nothing is happening to them. But it has many deep effects on health such as problems like blood pressure, stress, depression, infection, slow growth, shrinking of heart, lungs etc. India has the top ten most polluted cities in the world.

According to pollution standards, the limit of pollution is measured by Air Quality Index. The upper limit of pollution level is 10 micrograms per cubic meter. Recently in London, when it rose to 20 micrograms per cubic meter, the British parliamentarians made a strong demand to declare a public health emergency.

The level of pollution in top ten cities in India has reached more than 350 micrograms per cubic meter, yet the governments, opposition and media of our country are silent on this vital subject because this topic does not attract vote count or TRP While according to the World Health Organization, pollution is one of the biggest cause of death in India.

Closed houses are 10-15 times more polluted than roads. With urbanization and increasing population, our houses have become smaller and denser. Due to these houses being built in the dense settlements, there is no cross-air ventilation due to which we do not get fresh air. We have forgotten the smell of open, fresh and pure air because we are locked in air conditioned rooms.

This closed air is harmful to our health which gives rise to respiratory diseases, allergies, headache, fatigue and other diseases. There are many such items in our daily living which keep on releasing toxic elements slowly in the air of our homes. Mosquito spray and repellant, cockroach spray, paint, varnish, carpet, freshener, scent, personal care products etc.

Apart from this, in today’s digital world, we are surrounded by electronic items from all sides, which are dissolving toxic gas in the air of our homes. The polluting factors are- building materials, carpets, polishes, chemicals, perfumes, dyes, paints, gases, dirt, dust etc. Due to these, polluting elements germs, viruses, fungi, allergens, molds, etc., flourish in the houses. Owing to these reasons sick building syndrome is emerged, which causes many types of allergies, headaches, diseases like dizziness, nervous system disorder, cancer etc. This environment is helpful in increasing many types of diseases and due to which death can also occur.

But now it is difficult to change these living habits, but the side effects caused by them can be reduced. There should be continuous circulation of clean air in the houses. Along with this, we should use such plants in the houses which absorb these poisonous gases and purify the air of the house by releasing oxygen. Some plants can be very useful for reducing toxic gases. These are called air purifier plants, NASA’s Clean Air Study has proved that some houseplants are the best to keep the air clean in the house. These plants act as a barrier between pollution and human health.

Green cover is the easiest way by which people can protect themselves from harmful pollution. NASA and NBRI has found some indoor plants to be surprisingly effective in absorbing pollution and purifying indoor air. These plants are more effective and beautiful than any artificial air purifier. To reduce indoor air pollution, there can be no other more appropriate way than using air purifier plants which are cheap, simple, beautiful, durable and more effective.

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