Air Purifier Plants Book


The Complete Guidebook on 53 Air Purifier Plants “प्रदूषणरोधी पौधे” Green Barrier against Pollution. The most effective way to kick out pollution from your home. Air Purifier plants are cheap, simple, beautiful, durable and the most effective way to reduce pollution.

About This Book

The right to clean air is a fundamental right. Yet, we rarely ever get to breath clean air, especially in cities. so, the air purifier plants are only wise options to get clean air at our home. Closed houses have 10 to 15 times more pollution than roads. NASA’s clean air study found some indoor plants are surprisingly effective in absorbing and purifying silent killer indoor pollution.

  • This book gives complete information about Air Purifier
  • Air Pollution level is rising day by Pollution is a silent killer.
  • NASA’s Clean Air Study has  proved that some houseplants are the best to keep the air clean in our home.
  • Green Cover protection is the easiest and the cheapest way by which people protect themselves from harmful pollution.
  • We are on the top (80% ) in the tally of the 50 most polluted cities in the world.
  • Indoor air Pollution is the main concern in our modern lifestyle. Plants remove pollutants by absorbing from the Plants act like a green barrier between pollutants and human health. Plants keep our home pollution free.
  • According to World Health Organization, pollution is one of the biggest cause of death in India.


Model Name: Collectible Book Air Purifier Plants Brand

Name: PPP


Batch No. : CBAPP522

Number Of Sets: 1

Is Assembly Required: No, Ready To Use

Suitable For: Reading

Language: Hindi & English Simple To Understand.

Size: 14.6 X 27.6 Cm. Handy

Material: Art Paper 100 Gsm.

Binding: Paper Back, Center Stitching

Attractive: Vibrant Colors And Eye-Catching Graphics For Easy Attention.

Making Learning Easy:  Bright Colours And Large Font Size Makes It Easy To Learn Beautiful Illustrations Grab Attentions And Simple Design Helps To Understand Better.

Packaging: With Non-Tearable Water Proof Material.

Country Of Origin: Proudly Make In India.

Manufacturer: Sahyogi Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

Publisher: People’s Participation Publication.


5.5"X8.5" (Inch)


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